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Wisdom Jewelry



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Sweet Cherry Blossom inspired feathers. Beautiful Indonesian River Jasper in soft blushing pink hues and tiny orbs. Reminiscent of spring's first signs and the magical cherry blossom season, these earrings are a testament to Mother Nature's artistry. Accented with ethically sourced creamy white and gray grizzly rooster feathers, blush pink dyed Emu and Ostrich feathers, and wrapped in deerskin leather, they embody the fragility and beauty of life symbolized by cherry blossoms. Adorned with beautiful Arizona kingman Pink Opal with bronze matrix., tiny Himalayan bone beads, and delicate rose gold accents complement the design, finished with sterling silver lever backs. Each element intertwines to create a wearable masterpiece.River Jasper; Said to activate and align our solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras, pushing one to achieve joy, love and emotional stability. Pink Opal is a gemstone of the heart, evoking, love, hope and tranquility.

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