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Wisdom Jewelry



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These one of a kind Rustic beachy feather earrings are Intended for the person whose soul belongs to the sea. Like something you would find in the bottom of the sea fallen from the mermaid who wore it. A harmonious blend of natural Grizzly rooster and hen feathers, intertwined with teal-dyed Emu feathers and the graceful allure of natural ostrich feathers. Their rustic charm is accentuated by the inclusion of large, recycled Indonesian sea glass rondels, delicately tied in hemp thread using macrame techniques. 2 rustic cowrie shells, reminiscent of ancient talismans, serve as a symbolic link to the water goddesses, invoking the timeless allure of the ocean’s depths. The addition of recycled Himalayan bone beads adds an earthy texture, grounding the ethereal essence of the design. To evoke serenity and tranquility, soothing Santa Maria aquamarine stones are thoughtfully incorporated, lending a touch of calming energy to the wearer. Each earring is elegantly finished with sterling silver lever-back clasps, ensuring both style and comfort with every wear.

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